Health Coach & Reiki Master

Fall in love with the best version of yourself

Shonny Davis

Ms Siobhon (Shonny) Davis

Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Reiki Master, Nourished Energy

I was always passionate about helping others and personal growth which saw me recognize that I needed to trade country life in New Zealand for corporate life in Melbourne. After less than a year into this adventure, a massive health crisis coupled with the change of environment made it clear to me that I was being challenged to change direction and rewrite my personal story.

I was guided through a physical transformation and back to vitality by Reiki and a deeper understanding of my health needs.

Whilst initially a sceptic, I became curious and opened my eyes to the beautiful world of holistic health and wellness which drove me to retrain as a Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and become a Reiki Master under the guidance of Loretta Carraro, founder of Nourished Energy.

I am passionate about helping others on their own healing journey, sharing the joy and health I have gained. Teaching you how to love yourself, value your worth, trust the intelligence of your body and create a meaningful life all whilst making time for fun and joy.


No matter where you are on your journey, know that you are loved, and have the courage to heal. Get curious about your inner world so you can have the self-confidence to live your best life.

Love and Light,