Initial Consultation (1 hr ) - $160
Follow Up Consultation ( 1/2 hr ) - $75
Follow Up Consultation ( 1 hr ) - $115

Naturopathic In clinic Testing (additional to Consultation fees):

Individualised Screening Test - $35

Remedial and Relaxation Massage:

60 minutes massage - $110
90 minutes massage - $160
120 minutes massage - $210


Initial appointment $150 Special offer for 45 mins
Return appointment $110 Special offer for 30 mins
Extended return appointment $150 Special offer for 45 mins

Cancellation Policy:

Within 48 hours: 50% of Fee
Within 24 hours: 100% of Fee

Medicare and private health insurance rebates apply.
Hicaps service available and all credit cards accepted at reception.


I’m Ebony Skene (12 years old) and I am one of James’ patients. I have been visiting James for just over a year and a half now and am continuing to visit him on a regular basis. I came to James after being on numerous cortisone creams for my dermatitis and eczema which were not working. I was about to go to a skin specialist when I was referred to James who made a difference to my skin in 4 days! In a week my dermatitis and eczema cleared up. I’m currently at the stage where I get mild flare ups every now and then but there has been a massive improvement since my first appointment. James has also improved my general health. This includes my allergies-hay fever. I used to get really bad symptoms but now I barely get anything and I can go and enjoy the spring much more. Also asthma, he has reduced the amount of times I have to use my asthma pump. I’m also a sufferer of anxiety and OCD so James has improved my sleep and nervous system dramatically and now I can relax and enjoy life to its fullest. In all James has changed how I feel how I look and really my whole life!
- Ebony Skene

I actually don't know what I would do without James. His understanding of the chemistry, psychology and physics of the body is outstanding. He also is a very considered and compassionate man. He has a realistic view of how we all live and what is achievable, which I think is vital. Naturopathy solves problems with natural remedies and helps you understand your body, so I very rarely go to the GP now. Most of all James is so passionate and enthusiastic, he loves what he does. Everything we work through is like another mission and he is always so fascinated. I don't know where he stores all his knowledge!
- Amy

I have been visiting James Hancock at the Good Life for over 3 years and during this time James has turned my very unwell body from the past three decades of almost continual conventional drugs, antibiotics, unsolved and miss diagnosed health issues into a fitting fit machine. When my close friend saw how ill I was he suggested I have a chat to James, all I wish is if only I had known about The Good Life all those years ago. I continue praise and recommend the professionalism of James and his team to so many of my friends, family and children with unsolved health issues.
- L. Golightly

To everyone at the Good Life... Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful space and for making me feel so warm and special every time I come in. You're the best.
- Angela Simpson

Carly has helped to guide me through food concerns, queries, weight loss issues without strict do's and don'ts. It has been more about working with my lifestyle. Awesome!! It's a mindfield out there and Carly answers all my food related questions. She is supportive, funny and interesting. A refreshing approach to the everyday practitioner!
- Bronwyn Stuart

"I first came to Margaret in a very depleted health state 14 years ago after being diagnosed with a large breast abscess for which I was hospitalized and treated with IV antibiotics. Margaret treated me with herbal medicine, gradually weaning me off the antibiotics and making dietary modifications and including supplements (vitamins and minerals). My immune system became stronger and I was able to fight off the infections without antibiotics. Over the years Margaret has taught us how to become "in tune" with our bodies - and how to look after our health. In fact my daughter had a routine blood test recently and the doctor commented that she was "the most biochemically healthy teenager he had ever seen!". We rarely need to consult a G.P. these days as Margaret is our primary health care practitioner. I have had occasion to recommend Margaret to many friends and acquaintances who have all enjoyed the same great success that our family has experienced. We all know that prevention is better than cure, and in the ancient philosopher Virgil's words "the greatest wealth is health". Margaret has certainly been our best health insurance policy."
- Mary Forbes, Balywn

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