Never happier than hitting
the fall line down a steep couloir.

James Hancock

Mr James Hancock

B.SC. Health Naturopathy, Fellow ANTA

As a biochemist I was a skeptic of Natural Therapies. After developing a chronic inflammatory disease and undergoing symptomatic medical treatment, I was challenged to delve deeper and open my mind and experience to the curative potential of integrative Natural Medicine and its richer understanding of the levels of Human health.

Special interests

Natural fertility and Inflammatory bowel disease.


You can’t change your chronological age.
But you can optimize your biological age & potential.
I enjoy going backwards skipping and laughing!

Anna Boetto

Anna Boetto

B. HSc. Naturopath, Practitioner of Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Traditional Medicine


“I believe each person should afford themselves the opportunity to know what the available natural options are to improve health, wellbeing and prevent disease. My duty, my passion, is to deliver you these choices and help guide you to a healthier you.”

Anna is a qualified naturopathic practitioner with a Bachelor degree in Health Science. Through her practice, Anna aims to support, educate and empower you to restore health, vitality and balance; to live a more vibrant, energetic life.

Anna uses an evidence based holistic approach to restore your health, using nutritional medicine and western herbal medicine combined with diet and lifestyle advice. Together with a thorough understanding of the application of natural medicine, your health is cared for and guided by naturopathic principles, giving you new insights into your body’s function and underlying causes of your health concerns.

With Anna's clinical and intuitive ability, an individual care strategy is tailored based on your needs and goals, affording you specific programs and solutions to manage and sustain your health.

Special Interests

Detoxification for optimal health, beauty, longevity & skin health
Women’s health; Fertility, pregnancy and post-natal health; menstrual cycle
Stress and anxiety
Weight loss
Low energy and chronic fatigue
Low mood and insomnia, headaches & migraine
Immune support, (colds, flu, infections)
Digestive disturbances (IBS, IBD, constipation, and malabsorption)

Anna is dedicated to help individuals achieve their health goals and optimal level of wellness and works in conjunction with other health practitioners, for the safest and most effective practice.

“After your appointment, my hope is that you feel your health concerns are truly cared for and know that I will work hard with you to help you be well again. After a detailed health assessment and extra testing where required, I will put together a comprehensive treatment plan for you. Whether you have a serious health condition or you just don't feel 100% and you'd like the support to feel healthy again, please take the opportunity to let me help you be your best. I believe it is your right to experience renewed energy, positive mood and a healthy body inside and out.”


B. HSc. Naturopath, Practitioner of Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Traditional Medicine

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Margaret Boyd-Squires

BHSc.-Naturopathy, DipAppSc -Naturopathy, CertRelaxationMassage. Member ATMS since 1995


“First and foremost Margaret believes in disease prevention.”

Margaret is a Naturopath with over 20 years’ experience in treating a wide range of illnesses. Her specialty is detox with emphasis on liver cleansing and healing digestive imbalances such as Candida and leaky gut. She is particularly knowledgeable about the lymphatic system and focuses on improving its function. Other specialties include weight loss, skin problems, recurrent infections and stress management. She uses a combination of iridology, herbal medicine, vitamins and dietary advice. Her lymphatic drainage massage is renowned for aiding the removal of toxins from the body and she also offers ear candling.

Margaret will use screening tools to help recognise how different signs and symptoms may relate to your health status. This screening is an optional tool which is often carried out at the initial appointment and at any time during the treatment. It allows you to see the positive effects that your diet, lifestyle and supplemental program are having on your health. Through this screening Margaret may be able to develop more effective health strategies tailor-made for you.

Functional pathology testing will be undertaken where necessary and there is a definite focus on anti-ageing. Margaret also offers heavy metal and mineral testing with the cutting edge Oligoscan. No biopsy, blood or hair sample is needed. The scan takes just a few minutes and is another valuable tool that Margaret offers as part of her unique blend.

Margaret has a loyal following of patients, many of whom have been consulting with her for many years.

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I presented to Margaret in July 2015 with many ailments but the biggest being my severe Crohn’s Disease. After 4 months of seeing her I have felt better than I have in years. She has educated me about food and its properties and helped me get on top of my Crohn’s by really thinking about what I am putting into my body. Last week (November 2015) I was given the fantastic news by my Gastroenterologist that I am in clinical remission for the very first time in almost 4 years!! Margaret’s role in this has been pivotal and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. I highly recommend Margaret and her services.

Bianca Dowell.


Jane Collopy

B Health Sci (Naturopathy), Member NHAA, Cert IV Massage, Grad Dip Ed, B Arts/B Theology.

My work as a naturopath has been formed by my family. My parents were doctor and nurse, and stories from their patients and friends continue to remind me that their prime value was looking after the person in front of them, not just the disease they presented with. This value was consolidated for me when we looked after my dad through to his death from brain cancer, and many years later when I looked after my mum through end stage kidney disease.

What I love about being a naturopath is helping patients understand the huge amount of change they can achieve in their health through natural means, be it diet and lifestyle, supplementing nutritionals, or stimulating and balancing the body with herbs and homoeopathics. At the same time, it is really valuable to know how to combine this with the benefits of western medicine, particularly in the treatment of cancer. My passion for helping patients live well with cancer, particularly through chemotherapy and radiation therapy, has led to the publication of my first book, Safe and Effective Natural Therapies to Help You Through Cancer, due for release in the last part of 2015.

“Awareness of what is causing our health complaints empowers us. Once we understand the drivers, we can intervene with often very simple changes to get much better results.”

Special Interests

relieving the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
reducing anxiety and stress
eliminating gut symptoms such as bloating, diarrhoea and constipation