How We Can Help You

Your current state of health can be assessed using:

Treatment pathways can target:

Low Energy and Failing Vitality  
Balanced Healthy Lifestyle Recognition and proactive planning to address genetic predisposition and potential, stress management & work/life/play balance
Weight/Body Shape Management Weight loss, counseling, menu plans and guidelines
Sports Nutrition Optimise performance and muscle growth
Chronic Pain Management Back, neck and joint pain, persistent headaches
Cardiovascular Health Blood pressure, cholesterol and blood fat reduction, essential vitamins, minerals and food therapies for cardiovascular health
Diabetes Blood glucose control - low/high blood glucose strategies
Hormonal Balance PMS, Menopause, osteoporosis, PCOS, infertility, men’s health, libido
Digestive Complaints Coeliac, Irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, heart burn/reflux, poor assimilation and chronic nutrient deficiency
Chronic Auto-immune Disease  
Allergies Balanced eating without diagnosed problem foods eg. Wheat
Skin Disorders Auto-immune, infection, hormonal reasons
Eating Disorders Obsessive compulsive eating, obesity, anorexia and bulimia
Depression, Anxiety, Sleep disorders, Burn out Identification and tools to clear life’s emotional hurdles
Pregnancy and Children Balanced nutrition to optimise growth and development of children and mother’s health

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