Awareness of what is causing our health complaints empowers us. Once we understand the drivers, we can intervene with often very simple changes to get much better results.

Margaret Boyd-Squires

Jane Collopy

B Health Sci (Naturopathy), Member NHAA, Cert IV Massage, Grad Dip Ed, B Arts/B Theology.

My work as a naturopath has been formed by my family. My parents were doctor and nurse, and stories from their patients and friends continue to remind me that their prime value was looking after the person in front of them, not just the disease they presented with. This value was consolidated for me when we looked after my dad through to his death from brain cancer, and many years later when I looked after my mum through end stage kidney disease.

What I love about being a naturopath is helping patients understand the huge amount of change they can achieve in their health through natural means, be it diet and lifestyle, supplementing nutritionals, or stimulating and balancing the body with herbs and homoeopathics. At the same time, it is really valuable to know how to combine this with the benefits of western medicine, particularly in the treatment of cancer. My passion for helping patients live well with cancer, particularly through chemotherapy and radiation therapy, has led to the publication of my first book, Safe and Effective Natural Therapies to Help You Through Cancer, due for release in the last part of 2015.