Massage Therapist

Phillip Watkins

Ms Gabriella Ferro

Massage Therapist

We are very excited to announce that Gabriella Ferro will be joining The Good Life Team.

Gabriella is a highly qualified massage therapist who has been treating clients for the last 8 years and has developed a highly effective fusion massage technique.

She has studied extensively including

Gabriella’s fusion body work technique, is like no massage that you have experienced, she is able to identify underlying patterns of physical and psycho-emotional stress, directing her to clear and strategic treatment options to remove the restrictions to your greater health potential.

To achieve this, she utilizers the following body work techniques;

Gabriella’s own life experiences, her experiences with clients and a deep and diverse suite of body work techniques has grown a highly effective practitioner, able to deal easily with the physical presentations but also the more deeply entrenched chronic or recurrent patterns.