Remedial Massage Therapist

Phillip Watkins

Mrs Jo Harris

Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Baby Massage

Jo, started her career as a teacher due to a strong belief in education and imparting knowledge and she remains an educator to this day, although now with natural therapies. Her commitment to natural therapies started in 2006 when her person philosophies drove her to find a more natural approach to life and career.

She started with professional training in aromatherapy and remedial massage, both of which were a perfect fit for her skills and personal philosophy. Being regarded as a highly skilled remedial and deep tissue massage therapist, she became busy very quickly and as many of her clients were pregnant she decided to extend her knowledge with study into specialist aromatherapy courses and a massage diploma for pregnancy.

During her own pregnancy, she discovered HypnoBirthing (R) which she found to be highly effective and cogently resonated with her own philosophy and thus trained as a HypnoBirthing (R) instructor, and later as an infant massage instructor so as to able to train mums, dads and grandparents to confidently massage and bond beautifully with their babies.

Therefore Jo specialises in;
prenatal massage
deep tissue massage


"I believe in a natural and holistic approach to health and the body. Massage is a wonderful and therapeutic way to care for the body and to initiate the healing response. We have only one body in this lifetime and it is in our interest to look after it in the best way we can."

Special Interests

Creating natural aromatherapy products


Diploma in Remedial Massage,
Diploma in Prenatal/postnatal massage,
Diploma in Aromatherapy, CIMI (IAMT), AAMT