Alison Hawkins

Ms. Alison Hawkins

Diploma of Kinesiology, International Diploma of Kinesiology (ICKP).

Alison's kinesiology quest is simple - she is passionate about helping and supporting people through the complex journey of life. Introduced to kinesiology through her own personal experience of suffering debilitating migraines and chronic neck and shoulder pain, she discovered that kinesiology could identify what her body innately needed for its own growth and healing. Alison is a strong believer that everyone has individual and specific needs for their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and through kinesiology and muscle testing the gateway is opened to understanding the patterns that can lead us to greater health and happiness Alison has the amazing ability to identify what holds her clients back and why they feel the way they do. She is well known for locating and unravelling the what and why discomfort finds its way into the body in physical and emotional terms which is testament to the many loyal clients she maintains. She has a calm and supportive manner that is infused with a dose of humour and a healthy dash of reality.

Special interests

Alison is passionate about travel, she has an addiction to books, loves a good pot of tea, enjoys decaf coffee and finds laughing with friends to be one of the great elixirs of life.