James Hancock

Ms Debra O’Reilly

Hypnotherapist registered with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association

Debra O’Reilly is an experience and well respected Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming therapist and practices Nutritional Medicine.

This experience and qualifications have allowed her to achieve remarkable results with a range of conditions. Specifically;

Debra passion and commitment to achieving lasting change for her clients really stems from watching her, much loved, mother’s unfortunate health history. Her mums neglect of health; through poor diet, inadequate exercise and smoking, sadly resulted in her premature death at 53.

Debra realised that diet is essential to optimum health, and has always been interested in food and loves cooking healthy meals for her family and friends. Debra strongly believes in balance and practices this personally through her diet and via long beach walks with her two large hounds.


These unique qualifications and equipment allow Debra is enabling client’s motivation and achieve great compliance.

Debra brings together all of the above modalities to deliver the very best individual patient care which is grounded by a common goal to address the underlying causes of an individual’s health problems to restore health, prevent disease and enhance optimal life-long wellness.

Debra’s motto is "If you are unhealthy and/or overweight at 40 and do nothing about it – then the odds are you are going to be a very unhealthy 70-year-old".