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Anna Boetto

Anna Boetto

B. HSc. Naturopath, Practitioner of Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Traditional Medicine


“I believe each person should afford themselves the opportunity to know what the available natural options are to improve health, wellbeing and prevent disease. My duty, my passion, is to deliver you these choices and help guide you to a healthier you.”

Anna is a qualified naturopathic practitioner with a Bachelor degree in Health Science. Through her practice, Anna aims to support, educate and empower you to restore health, vitality and balance; to live a more vibrant, energetic life.

Anna uses an evidence based holistic approach to restore your health, using nutritional medicine and western herbal medicine combined with diet and lifestyle advice. Together with a thorough understanding of the application of natural medicine, your health is cared for and guided by naturopathic principles, giving you new insights into your body’s function and underlying causes of your health concerns.

With Anna's clinical and intuitive ability, an individual care strategy is tailored based on your needs and goals, affording you specific programs and solutions to manage and sustain your health.

Special Interests

Anna is dedicated to help individuals achieve their health goals and optimal level of wellness and works in conjunction with other health practitioners, for the safest and most effective practice.

“After your appointment, my hope is that you feel your health concerns are truly cared for and know that I will work hard with you to help you be well again. After a detailed health assessment and extra testing where required, I will put together a comprehensive treatment plan for you. Whether you have a serious health condition or you just don't feel 100% and you'd like the support to feel healthy again, please take the opportunity to let me help you be your best. I believe it is your right to experience renewed energy, positive mood and a healthy body inside and out.”


B. HSc. Naturopath, Practitioner of Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Traditional Medicine

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