Detox Package

As modern humans we have been roaming this diverse planet for almost 80 000 years. Our diet and lifestyle during this time has changed little, until very recently. In less than 200 years we have fundamentally altered our diet, lifestyle and with it our toxin exposure.

Toxins are any substance or influence that reduces the body’s healthy function. Most commonly we become interested in toxicity when we feel symptoms of inflammation (e.g. eczema, arthritis or cancer) or metabolic dysfunction (e.g. fatigue, infertility or irritability). Although this has become more of a problem in the modern world, cellular toxins have always been present, and as such the body has many detoxification pathways which when supported and stimulated will achieve profound improvement in symptoms and vitality. Often it is about increasing particular foods that support liver and kidney function, increasing all elimination, and understanding what the body is trying to achieve seasonally, so that can be supported.

At The Good Life we keep it “real” & we’ll get you right.
Our detox package provides 3 empowering sessions that will help accelerate the detoxification process. Through these sessions the recipient can enter the new year with increased energy, clearer skin, improved digestion, increased concentration and clarity to achieve what they want.

Session 1
As a Naturopath detoxification is integral to optimal health. James will be doing some diagnostic methods to determine levels of toxicity within the body. Once we have a base line, then we can apply the realistic and sustainable dietary recommendations, along with the necessary herbs and nutrients to stimulate and support the most potent detoxification channels of the body. The benefit of securing a base line is that subsequent testing allows clients to see the improvement in their bodies biochemistry, alongside the removal of symptoms and improvement in vitality.

Session 2
There's no detoxification procedure as powerful as the body's own natural and complex process. The purpose of nutrition consultation is to nourish and allow the body to do what it does best. During this consultation with our Naturopath James Hancock, your diet will be assessed for elements that may be contributing to your toxic levels and subsequent symptoms. You will receive relevant and appropriate advice on changes you could make to your dietary practice to achieve ultimate wellness that's achievable and sustainable. Wellness is a choice that supports a balanced lifestyle.

Session 3
Our TCM practitioner, Anna Boetto, will give you a full assessment & utilise Chinese medical bodywork techniques & acupuncture to stimulate circulation of blood and lymph which in turn will encourage detoxification. Acupuncture releases endorphins and other chemicals in the brain to help inspire & support your fresh perspective.

Price: $280 (save $65).
This includes a report with advised steps to aid in your detoxification and new lifestyle!

Add 3 sessions of Lymphatic drainage massage to your detox regime for additional benefits and an accelerated detoxification process. MLD not only stimulates the vital functions of the skin, tissues and internal organs, but also serves to eliminate cellular waste and stimulate the parasympathetic relaxation response inhibiting muscle tonus and pain. Lymph is key to keeping your immune system working effectively and therefore improving its flow and drainage has amazing benefits for the body. About 1.5-2 litres of lymph per day circulate throughout the whole body; efficient activation of the lymphatic circulation (usually after three sessions) can increase this figure to 15-30 litres per day.
MLD not only removes toxins, it is effective in treating cellulite, reducing water retention and boosting weight loss, helping you look great for the summer!

Deluxe detox package: $555 (save $100).