Body Work and Skin Therapy Package

60 Min ‘LI’TYA Kodo’ relaxation massage
Kodo means ‘melody’, a sequenced full body massage with light to medium pressure and some deeper work around the shoulder area. Inspired by Aboriginal healing techniques, this rhythmic and flowing massage uses a combination of pressure points and spiralling movements which ground and uplift, working to relieve muscular aches and pains.

90 Min ‘Bularri Yarrul’ Hot Stone Treatment
‘Bularri Yarrul’, which means ‘warm stones’, is a treatment is based on Aboriginal healing techniques, using the warmth and weight of naturally formed 300 million year old metamorphic stones to work through layers of tension on a physical, mental and emotional level to dissolve stress and fatigue. As you absorb ‘jiva’ - the unseen vibrating energy carried within each ancient stone - your busy mind will find peace, your body will experience relief and your heart will discover joy with this heavenly full body massage treatment.

LI’TYA facials
LI’TYA means ‘of the earth’ and is expressed as a way of being. Each treatment assists to heal and balance with the profound wisdom of ancient Aboriginal medicines, spirituality and healing modalities. Formulated using 100% Natural Australian native plants, fruits & botanicals, each treatment has been developed to the highest standard to create memorable experiences and lasting results. ‘Miri’ means ‘face’ and ‘Mikiri’ means ‘deep’. The LI'TYA facial treatments are designed to cleanse and refresh your face giving your skin a natural lift. The Mikiri facial includes a double mask, hand or foot and an indulgent quandong scalp treatment. Whichever duration of facial treatment you choose, the products and ingredients will be chosen to target the individual needs of your skin

60 Min ‘LI’TYA Kodo’ relaxation massage $80
90 Min ‘Bularri Yarrul’ Hot Stone Treatment $130
45 Min ‘LI’TYA Mirri’ facial $80
60 Min ‘LI’TYA Mikiri’ facial $100